2022 General Election Turnout


View statewide overall voter turnout data for the 2022 general election, as well as data for absentee by-mail and one-stop early voting. The statistics on this page were generated using voter registration stats and voter history stats for the 2022 general election and will be updated as new data become available.

Demographic breakdowns of voter turnout will be available once counties have finalized their voter history data.

Overall Turnout

This section provides North Carolina voter turnout data for the 2022 general election, for all voting methods.

Voting Method Number of Voters Who Voted
One-Stop Early Voting 2,010,355
Absentee By-Mail 187,746
In Person on Election Day 1,578,545
Provisional 10,258
Total 3,786,904

Source: history_stats_20221108.zip

Voter Turnout, by Party Affiliation

Party Voters Who Voted Turnout
Democratic 1,283,988 51.3%
Republican 1,303,696 58.6%
Unaffiliated 1,183,891 44.8%
Libertarian 15,123 30.0%
Green 206 69.8%

Voter Turnout, by Age Group

Age Group Voters Who Voted Turnout
Age 18-25 233,441 24.1%
Age 26-40 629,298 34.2%
Age 41-65 1,743,544 59.0%
Age 66+ 1,180,621 71.3%

Voter Turnout, by Race

Race Voters Who Voted Turnout
Asian 45,352 39.0%
Black or African American 629,919 41.8%
American Indian or Alaska Native 20,148 37.0%
Two Or More Races 14,665 34.3%
Other 68,957 29.3%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 208 34.2%
Undesignated 211,146 32.8%
White 2,796,509 58%

Voter Turnout, by Ethnicity

Ethnicity Voters Who Voted Turnout
Hispanic or Latino 68,071 25.8%
Not Hispanic or Latino 2,879,536 55.1%
Undesignated 839,297 43.4%

Absentee By-Mail and Early Voting

In North Carolina, absentee voting refers to all ballots cast in person during the one-stop early voting period, as well as absentee by-mail. This section includes data related to absentee voting in the 2022 general election. For additional absentee voting trends, see the Absentee Stats reports for the 2022 general election.

Absentee Ballot Type Voters Who Voted
One-Stop Early Voting 2,010,890
Absentee By-Mail: Civilian 179,210
Absentee By-Mail: Military  1,967
Absentee By-Mail: Overseas 6,483
Total 2,198,550

Source: absentee_counts_state_20221108.csv

Absentee Turnout, by Party Affiliation

Includes absentee by-mail and one-stop early voting

Party Voters Who Voted Turnout
Democratic 840,205 33.59%
Republican 682,377 30.67%
Unaffiliated 669,831 25.37%
Libertarian 5,997 11.92%
Green 140 53.23%

Source: absentee_counts_state_20221108.csv