Serve Democracy

Election officials oversee every step of the election process. Participate in one of the opportunities below and join them in serving your community.

Be a Democracy Hero

During each election season, North Carolina county boards of elections search for democracy heroes to work at polling places and voting sites. Find more information at Become an Election Official.

Be a Student Election Assistant

Student Election Assistants carry some of the same responsibilities as election officials and are compensated in the same way. Find information about the program and how to apply on Become a Student Election Assistant.

Join a MAT Team

A Multipartisan Assistance Team, or “MAT,” is a group appointed by a county board of elections to provide assistance with mail-in absentee voting to voters in facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. For more information, see Assistance for Voters in Care Facilities.

Meet Your Local Poll Workers

Election workers are integral to the election process. Join us as we spotlight their efforts week-to-week, and meet a few of your local poll workers in North Carolina, ensuring elections run smoothly. See Your Democracy Heroes.