Limitation on Fund-Raising During Legislative Session


Limitation on fund-raising during legislative session. N.C.G.S. § 163-278.13B imposes limits on when some contributions may be solicited and accepted by members of and candidates for the North Carolina General Assembly. The law also applies to members of and candidates for the North Carolina Council of State. Under the law, these members and candidates are referred to as limited contributees.

While the North Carolina General Assembly is in regular session, limited contributees are prohibited from soliciting and accepting contributions from limited contributors.

Affiliated party committees. N.C.G.S. § 163-278.8B and Council of State affiliated party committees. N.C.G.S. § 163-278.8C are also prohibited from soliciting or accepting contributions from limited contributors while the General Assembly is in regular session.

Regular Session

The General Assembly is in regular session from the date set by law or resolution that the General Assembly convenes until the General Assembly either adjourns sine die or recesses or adjourns for more than 10 days.

The General Assembly adjourns regular session by adopting a joint resolution of the House and Senate. Find joint resolutions on the North Carolina General Assembly’s website: Resolutions | NCGA.

General Assembly of North Carolina Sessions

Refer to the table to track when the General Assembly is in regular session.

Convene Date Adjourn Date Joint Resolution
04/24/2024 (Noon) TBD TBD
04/10/2024 (Noon) 4/11/2024 Resolution 2023-11
03/13/2024 (Noon) 03/14/2024 Resolution 2023-11
02/14/2024 (Noon) 02/15/2024 Resolution 2023-11
01/17/2024 (Noon) 01/18/2024 Resolution 2023-11
12/20/2023 (Noon) 12/21/2023 Resolution 2023-11
11/29/2023 (Noon) 11/30/2023 Resolution 2023-11
01/25/2023 (Noon) 10/25/2023 Resolution 2023-11
01/11/2023 (Noon) 01/11/2023 Resolution 2023-1

Limited Contributors

The following individuals and entities are limited contributors:

  • A North Carolina registered lobbyist,
  • A North Carolina registered lobbyist’s agent,
  • A North Carolina lobbyist principal as defined in Definitions. N.C.G.S. § 120C-100(21).
  • A PAC that employs or contracts with a North Carolina registered lobbyist, and
  • A PAC whose parent entity employs or contracts with a North Carolina registered lobbyist.

Lobbyists and lobbyist principals register with the North Carolina Secretary of State. Please visit the Secretary of State’s website to find the names of registered lobbyists and lobbyist principals: Lobbying | NCSOS.

Prohibited Contributions

While the General Assembly is in regular session, limited contributees may not accept a contribution from a limited contributor.

A contribution is accepted during regular session if the check or other instrument is:

  1. Dated during the regular session; or
  2. Received during regular session. Please note, if a check is received during regular session, it is not considered “accepted” if it is returned to the limited contributor within 10 days of receipt.

The term contribution is defined in Definitions. § 163-278.6(13), and includes both transfers of funds and goods and services provided to a candidate or candidate committee to support the nomination or election of the candidate.

Prohibited Solicitations

A solicitation is a request for a contribution. Read: Concerning Lobbyist Involvement in Campaigns: Written Opinion 2008-4-21 (PDF).

While the General Assembly is in regular session limited contributees may not:

  • Solicit a contribution from a limited contributor
  • Solicit a third party, requesting or directing that the third party directly or indirectly solicit a contribution from a limited contributor

Relevant Advisory Opinions

Read also: Regular Session of the General Assembly: Written Opinion 2011-06-16 (PDF).