On this page, you will find details, including dates and deadlines, for the statewide general election held on November 8, 2022. For information about the Nash-Rocky Mount Board of Education runoff election on December 6, 2022, contact the Edgecombe County or Nash County elections office. County board contact information

Information about the 2023 municipal elections will be available on this page in January 2023.


Statewide General Election 

In North Carolina, the statewide general election is Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022. This election is also known as the “midterm” as it is held two years (mid-way) into the four-year U.S. presidential term. Races on the ballot include: 

  • One U.S. Senate seat 
  • 14 U.S. House seats 
  • Several state offices (General Assembly, Supreme Court, and Court of Appeals) 
  • Local judges and prosecutors 
  • County offices like sheriff and county commissioners 

Want to find information on candidates for the N.C. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals? See the Judicial Voter Guide 2022: Midterm General Election (PDF).

Dates and Deadlines 

The civilian voter registration deadline is 25 days before Election Day. Find out how to register or how to update your registration.  

2022 Statewide General Election Date or Deadline 
Sept. 9, 2022: The date by which the boards of elections must make available absentee ballots.  
Oct. 14, 2022: Civilian voter registration deadline. After this point, only same-day registration during one-stop early voting is available. 
Oct. 20, 2022: One-stop, in-person early voting period begins. 
Nov. 1, 2022: Deadline for civilians to submit an absentee ballot request form. 
Nov. 5, 2022: One-stop, in-person early voting period ends at 3 p.m. 
Nov. 8, 2022: Election Day and civilian absentee ballot return deadline. 


Voting Details

For information about each voting method available to voters during the statewide primary, follow the links below.


Redistricting: How to Track

Districts define who officials represent during their terms in office: Voters can look up their voting districts, which may have changed due to redistricting, by entering their information into the Voter Search. Find more information about the maps at Voting Maps/Redistricting.