Resources for County Boards

Tools for Your Office

Use this page to locate tools for your county board of elections office, including online applications such as the State Topical Election Processes and Procedures (STEPPs) and NC State Board of Elections Intranet. You can also navigate the page to find materials located on the FTP site, and other miscellaneous forms and resources.

Online Applications

Launch STEPPs (requires login)

Launch the NC State Board of Elections Intranet (requires login)

Answers to Common Inquiries

Scan the County Board Kit to locate resources on our website for answering frequently asked questions from the media and general public.

Answers to 2020 Election Audit Inquiries

See Response to Calls for a Forensic Audit of 2020, Random Opening of Voting Machines if your county board of elections office is receiving these inquiries. Also, see 2020 Election Certification.