County Board Kit

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Need to find answers to common inquiries? Scan this media kit-style page, where county boards of elections may locate responses to questions asked frequently by the media and general public.

For guidance related to North Carolina election data, visit How to Work with Our Data.

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  • Resources:
    • Visit the Results & Data section of our website.
    • Visit our public FTP site for direct access to all public data files.
    • Visit How to Work with Our Data for detailed information and instructions on how to view registered voter lists, turnout and voter history, history stats, election results, registration stats, and more.

Dates, Events and Voting Schedules


  • To view your sample ballot:
    • Use the Voter Search (Select the Sample Ballot tab on your voter record).

Note: Sample ballots are available close to election dates, once ballots have been prepared.

Absentee by Mail or Mail-in Voting

Early Voting

In-Person Voting


Election Security

Educational Materials