Voter Eligibility for People Serving Felony Sentences

Per order of a North Carolina superior court, if you are not in prison or jail for a felony conviction, you may register to vote and vote.

This decision has been appealed to the North Carolina Supreme Court. The State Board will update this information upon further instruction from the courts.

Voter registration forms are being updated across the state to account for this change. Because it is not possible to immediately replace all voter registration forms that are in circulation across the state, county boards of elections have been instructed to accept voter registration forms with outdated felon eligibility language, as long as the applicant is currently eligible to register as explained above.

Note: When you are convicted of a misdemeanor in North Carolina, you do not lose your right to vote, even if you are incarcerated.

Voter Registration Deadlines

The regular voter registration deadline is 25 days before an election. Eligible would-be voters who become naturalized U.S. citizens or whose rights are restored after being released from prison or jail for a felony sentence ahead of Election Day, but after the regular voter registration deadline, may register and vote during early voting or on Election Day.

Visit Register in Person During Early Voting for details on how to register and vote during the early voting period. Or, see Vote in Person on Election Day to learn about casting your ballot on Election Day.