Voter Intimidation

General Overview

The North Carolina State Board of Elections asks that all voters respect the right of others to participate in the election. Intimidating any voter is a crime. Also, please be courteous toward others at the voting place, regardless of differences of opinion, and remain calm at all times.

If at any time a voter feels harassed or intimidated at a polling place, the voter should notify an election official immediately.

Under Maintenance of order at place of registration and voting. N.C.G.S. § 163-48, chief judges of polling places shall work to maintain order at the polling place. This includes ensuring those who wish to register, or vote have access to the place of registration and voting.

Judges shall monitor and stop attempts to obstruct, intimidate, or interfere with any person in registering or voting. They may remove any person from the polling place for violation of any provisions of the election laws.

The chief judge and judges may call upon the sheriff, the police, or other officers to aid them in maintaining order. They may order the arrest of any person violating any provision of the election laws, but such arrest shall not prevent the person from registering or voting if they are entitled to do so.