US President and NC Governor


In North Carolina, not only are about a third of registered voters Democratic, a third Republican, and a third unaffiliated (view our Voter Registration Statistics page for details); but also, top-of-ballot contest winners in our state historically have been a mix of Republicans and Democrats, even in the same election.

Over the past half a century, North Carolina has voted for 12 Republicans and three Democrats for U.S. President, while also voting for four Republicans and 11 Democrats for N.C. Governor. In eight of the past 15 presidential elections, North Carolina voted for a president and governor of different parties.

Historical Results

The table below contains the name and party affiliation of the top vote-getters in the U.S. presidential and N.C. gubernatorial contests in North Carolina, for general elections going back more than half a century.

Election Year US President NC Governor
2020 Donald J. Trump (Republican) Roy Cooper (Democrat)
2016 Donald J. Trump (Republican) Roy Cooper (Democrat)
2012 Mitt Romney (Republican) Pat McCrory (Republican)
2008 Barack Obama (Democrat) Bev Purdue (Democrat)
2004 George W. Bush (Republican) Mike Easley (Democrat)
2000 George W. Bush (Republican) Mike Easley (Democrat)
1996 Bob Dole (Republican) James B. Hunt, Jr. (Democrat)
1992 George H. W. Bush (Republican) James B. Hunt, Jr. (Democrat)
1988 George H. W. Bush (Republican) James G. Martin (Republican)
1984 Ronald Reagan (Republican) James G. Martin (Republican)
1980 Ronald Reagan (Republican) James B. Hunt, Jr. (Democrat)
1976 Jimmy Carter (Democrat) James B. Hunt, Jr. (Democrat)
1972 Richard M. Nixon (Republican) James E. Holshouser, Jr. (Republican)
1968 Richard M. Nixon (Republican) Robert W. Scott (Democrat)
1964 Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat) Dan K. Moore (Democrat)