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‘NC Together’: Election Workers Team Up for Video Project Ahead of 2024 Elections

Thousands of dedicated public servants across North Carolina work together to ensure elections in this state are accessible, secure, and accurate.
Raleigh, NC
Jan 23, 2024

Thousands of dedicated public servants across North Carolina work together to ensure elections in this state are accessible, secure, and accurate.

These are your friends and neighbors. They might have taught you in school, or you might have taught them. They may go to your gym or to your church or to the same grocery store. Their kids might go to the same school as yours.

They come from all backgrounds and all political stripes. They are dedicated to helping others, and work extremely hard, often without enough resources.

Just like you, they love North Carolina and they are deeply committed to American democracy and ensuring that your vote counts. They help voters, and they are voters.

They want North Carolina to know this.

So, they joined together to record a series of videos, titled “NC Together.” Each video includes election officials from county boards of elections who recorded themselves speaking the same, heartfelt message in places across North Carolina you might recognize.

Dozens of county directors, staff, and board members recorded videos and sent them to Buncombe County staff, who edited them into three 40-second videos.

Each video features county election workers from across North Carolina. They are available on YouTube at the following links:

The State Board also has posted a video on its website, ncsbe.gov. And county boards will use them on their websites and social media posts throughout the year.

Corinne Duncan, director of elections in Buncombe County, presented the idea for such a video at a statewide elections conference in the summer of 2023. She was impressed by the number of counties that filmed videos for the project.

“Something I love about the work we do is that it brings community together,” Duncan said. “It takes so many people to put on an election that we can’t help but work with our friends and neighbors. That connection is important, and working in elections is also an opportunity to see, firsthand, that elections are run with integrity.”

Karen Brinson Bell, executive director of the State Board of Elections, said the videos display the team approach to elections administration adopted by the State Board and the 100 county boards of elections.

“We call ourselves ‘Team 101’ – 100 county boards and the State Board – and these amazing videos exemplify it,” Brinson Bell said. “This project shows how passionate North Carolina elections officials are about the work that they do, and it conveys the message we want all North Carolinians to hear: Your Vote Counts.”

For more information on election security in North Carolina, visit Election Security.

Election officials encourage all voters to trust state and county election officials and poll workers for accurate information about elections.

Contact information for county boards of elections is available at the County Boards of Elections Search.

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