Petition for Alcoholic Beverage (ABC) Election

General Overview

The number of required signatures is 35% of registered North Carolina voters in the county or municipality in which the election is called, for a county or municipality to conduct an alcoholic beverage (ABC) election, including malt beverage, unfortified wine, ABC store, and mixed beverage, as the result of a petition.

When Are Petitions Due?

Within 72 hours after the petition is initiated, the board of elections must certify the number of registered voters in the city or county at the time it was initiated. The petition must be returned to the board of elections within 90 days of the time it is initiated or it will be rendered void. The board of elections shall determine the sufficiency of the petition within 30 days after it is returned.

There is not a requirement for how soon before an election a valid petition may be submitted, but it is recommended that the petition be submitted several months in advance of the proposed election date under Special elections; procedure for calling. N.C.G.S. § 163-287 to allow time for review and ballot printing by the county board of elections.

Governing Statutes

See Article 6 of Chapter 18B of the General Statutes: