Step up for Democracy: Serve As an Election Worker

Not all heroes wear capes. By becoming an election official, you can be a hero for democracy. These local heroes will protect democracy, learn about the elections process, serve their communities and receive payment for their dedication to elections. Election officials operate the polls during early voting and on Election Day by providing services such as setting up the voting equipment, checking in voters, processing ballots, assisting voters with special needs, and closing and securing the voting site at the end of the day.


To qualify to work as an election official, the applicant must be a registered voter who resides in the precinct where they wish to serve. To serve as an election worker on Election Day, you must be a registered voter or be a high school student who is at least 17 years old and in good academic standing (this does not apply to early voting). Check your voter registration status with the Voter Search.

Precinct officials may not be a candidate or relative of a candidate in the election. They also may not be an elected government official, hold office with a political party, or be a manager or treasurer for a candidate or political party. They also may not serve at the same polling place as a spouse, child, spouse of a child, sister, or brother.

The State Board encourages voters of all ages to lend a hand to the democratic process. 

Want to Lend a Hand?

Find additional information, and have your details forwarded to your county board of elections (if they have opted in) by filling out and submitting the form for 2023–24.

Fill out the 2023–24 Democracy Heroes Form

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Want to know what it’s like to be an election official? Meet a few of your local poll workers in North Carolina, ensuring elections run smoothly. See Your Democracy Heroes.