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The State Board of Elections is the agency responsible for the administration of elections and campaign finance disclosure and compliance in North Carolina.

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Press Release

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Date: 10/17/2019


[email protected]

Elections Officials, State and Federal Partners, Launch Voter Confidence Campaign

The State Board of Elections on Thursday launched a campaign to inform voters about the many ways North Carolina elections officials and their security partners safeguard elections, and to empower voters to take an active role in the process.


During a press conference, State Board Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell unveiled the hashtag, #YourVoteCountsNC. (Images are here.) It will be used throughout the campaign, which will run through the 2020 elections. The campaign will include regular social media posts, a dedicated web page, news releases and news conferences, appearances at events and other activities.

“YourVoteCountsNC” embodies two top priorities of elections officials across North Carolina.

“First, we want all eligible individuals in North Carolina to register and vote and to recognize the importance of their vote,” Brinson Bell said. “Second, we want voters to know all of the steps we take to ensure fair and accurate elections, so they will be confident that their vote counts.”

(Video of the press conference is here. For more information about elections security in North Carolina and photos from today’s press conference, go here.)

State Board staff members were joined at the news conference by state and federal partners, who work alongside elections officials to secure elections.

Attendees included: Maria Thompson, State Chief Risk Officer, N.C. Department of Information Technology; William Ray, Assistant Director, N.C. Department of Public Safety/Emergency Management; Kristin Scott, Elections Director, Halifax County Board of Elections; Gary Sims, Elections Director, Wake County Board of Elections; Olivia McCall, Deputy Director, Wake County Board of Elections; Torry Crass, Cyber Security Advisor to the State Board of Elections; Lt. Colonel Robert Felicio, Chief Information Officer, N.C. National Guard; and Sean McCloskey, Branch Chief, Cybersecurity Advisor Program, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

“Election security takes a team approach, and we have a great team in North Carolina,” Brinson Bell said.

North Carolina elections officials encourage voters to take the following steps to help promote election security and confidence:

  1. Please register and vote if eligible.
  2. Always review your ballot before casting it.
  3. Check your registration here to ensure it is up-to-date:
  4. Seek information about elections from trusted sources, such as the State and County Boards of Elections. Learn more about the work of elections officials and our state and federal partners to secure elections at Follow the State Board on Twitter (@NCSBE) and Instagram (@ncstateboardofelections), and like us on Facebook (




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