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12:30 p.m: The North Carolina Court of Appeals on Monday morning issued an order temporarily suspending candidate filing for all U.S. House of Representatives, N.C. Senate, and N.C. House contests.
7:34 p.m: Candidate filing for the U.S. House, N.C. House, and N.C. Senate will begin at 8 a.m. Tuesday, December 7, following a Monday evening reversal of an earlier order suspending filing for those offices.
6:12 p.m: Information for candidates and media.
10:39 a.m: Candidate filing for the 2022 statewide primary and rescheduled municipal elections begins at noon on Monday, December 6, and ends at noon on Friday, December 17.
3:01 p.m: The State Board of Elections on Tuesday finalized election results for the November 2021 municipal elections and took steps toward expanding and improving the state’s post-election audits and better explaining them to voters.
11:49 a.m: The State Board of Elections will hold a remote beginning at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, November 23, 2021.
4:03 p.m: In continued efforts to ensure confidence in North Carolina elections, 17 county boards of elections will pilot risk-limiting audits of the November 2, 2021 municipal elections.
12:12 p.m: Under state law, election officials must release the number of provisional ballots cast in each county by noon two days after each election.
7:18 a.m: After the November 2, 2021 municipal elections, the State Board of Elections will randomly select precincts, early voting sites and absentee-by-mail ballots to be counted by hand in each county with a municipal election.
7:03 p.m: The North Carolina State Board of Elections voted Tuesday to extend voting at one precinct after the polling site ran out of ballots for a certain ballot type.
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