Candidate Committee Training: July 23, 2024



This training is for NC registered Candidate Committees. If you are associated with a Party Committee, Referendum Committee, Political Action Committee (NC PAC), Independent Expenditure, Electioneering Committee or NC Federal Committee, this is not the correct session for your committee type.

The NCSBE Mandatory Campaign Finance Compliance Training course contains campaign finance rules, requirements, and responsibilities for political committees in North Carolina. This course is required for all treasurers of political committees within 90 days of being appointed to the office and every four years thereafter while the committee is open. Assistant treasurers and candidates that wish to sign campaign finance reports must complete the training as well.

This session will be conducted in person at the NC State Board of Elections. There is a maximum of 25 attendees. Visit our Treasurer Training page for information on how to register. Registration is required through the North Carolina Learning Center (LMS).

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