Campaign Finance Software Training: Aug. 20, 2024 (Webinar)



The NCSBE – Campaign Finance Reporting Software Training is an in-depth session designed for treasurers who want to learn to keep track of committee transactions, create disclosure reports and file electronically with the Board of Elections. This training is open to treasurers from all political committees (Candidate, Party, Political Action Committees, Referendum, Legal Expense Fund, and Federal) registered in North Carolina that use the Campaign Finance Reporting Software.

This is not the required NCSBE Mandatory Campaign Finance Compliance Training course for treasurers that includes the campaign finance rules, requirements, and responsibilities for political committees in North Carolina.

Note: To take this training, participants must have taken either the Candidate, Party and Referendum Committee Mandatory Campaign Finance Compliance Training or the Political Action Committee (PAC) Mandatory Campaign Finance Compliance Training.

This session will be conducted via webinar (Microsoft Teams). There is a maximum of 10 attendees. Visit our Treasurer Training page for information on how to register.

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