Judicial Voter Guide: 2024 Primary Election

Table of Contents

  • About This Guide
    • 2 Appellate Court Primary Contests
    • About the Appellate Courts
    • Voter Registration
  • Democratic Primary Contest
    • NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 6
      • Allison Riggs
      • Lora Christine Cubbage
  • Republican Primary Contest
    • NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 15
      • Chris Freeman
      • Hunter Murphy

About This Guide

Pursuant to Voter education. N.C.G.S. § 163-278.69, the State Board shall publish a Judicial Voter Guide that explains the functions of the appellate courts and the laws concerning the election of appellate judges, the purpose and function of the Public Campaign Fund, and the laws concerning voter registration.

This online guide was created at no cost. Funding for Judicial Voter Guides that are mailed to North Carolina households before the general election comes from the N.C. Public Campaign Fund, which was created by a $3 check-off designation on the state tax form and a $50 surcharge on annual dues paid by members of the North Carolina State Bar. The fund was repealed in 2013. The Judicial Voter Guide will continue to be published until remaining funds are spent.

The order of candidates in this guide is the order in which they will appear on the March primary ballot for their contest, which is based on a random drawing conducted according to state law.

The information for each candidate was provided by the candidate. Statements by candidates do not express or reflect the opinions of the State Board of Elections.

2 Appellate Court Primary Contests

In the March 2024 primary, there is one Democratic contest and one Republican contest for North Carolina appellate courts. The candidates in this guide will appear on the ballot only in their respective party’s primary. Voters affiliated with the Democratic Party or the Republican Party may only vote their party’s ballot. In a primary election, unaffiliated voters may choose any one political party's ballot or a nonpartisan ballot (if available).

About the Appellate Courts

The N.C. Supreme Court is the state’s highest court. One chief justice and six associate justices review cases from the N.C. Court of Appeals, the N.C. Business Court, and cases in which the death penalty has been imposed. For more information, see Supreme Court of North Carolina.

The N.C. Court of Appeals is the state’s intermediate appellate court. It reviews cases first decided in District and Superior Courts, as well as appeals from administrative agencies. There are a total of 15 judges on the Court of Appeals, and appeals are decided by rotating panels of three judges who consider errors in legal procedures or in judicial interpretation of the law. For more information, see North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges serve eight-year terms.

Voter Registration

For information about voter registration, visit the State Board’s Voter Registration Resources page.

Democratic Primary Contest

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 6 

The winner will face Republican candidate Jefferson G. Griffin of Raleigh in the Nov. 5 general election.

Headshot of Allison Riggs.

Allison Riggs

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 6 Candidate
Place of Residence

Chapel Hill

  • 2003, B.S., University of Florida-Microbiology
  • 2006, M.A., University of Florida-History
  • 2009, J.D., University of Florida-Levin College of Law

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice


State of NC

Date Admitted to the Bar


Legal/Judicial Experience

I spent 14 years as a civil rights attorney at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice in Durham, representing, pro bono, individuals and communities in need. I argued in NC’s appellate courts, the Fourth and Fifth Circuit Courts of Appeals, and the US Supreme Court in cases involving voting rights, environmental and economic justice, and criminal matters.

My appellate decisions demonstrate my commitment to the rule of law. My opinions on Fourth Amendment cases, for example, demonstrate my commitment to ensuring that constitutional protections are reliably enforced. I’m committed to being accessible and to engaging in public education work.

Candidate Statement

I’m honored to serve on the NC Supreme Court. As a longtime litigator, I know the importance of having justice-minded, intellectually-rigorous judges on the bench. I’m well-versed in appellate practice and the structural challenges in the appeals process. I treat every attorney and party with dignity and respect.

Working on the Court of Appeals and now on the Supreme Court has proven my efficacy as an appellate judge. I drafted nearly 50 opinions at the Court of Appeals–most of them unanimous, requiring bipartisan support. I approach my colleagues with respectful curiosity. By listening first, I hope to continue creating spaces where we can find common ground to issue rulings that best serve the people of NC.

Learn more: riggsforourcourts.com

Headshot of Lora Christine Cubbage.

Lora Christine Cubbage

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Seat 6 Candidate
Place of Residence

Greensboro, NC

  • Undergraduate - NC A & T State University
  • Juris Doctor - UNC Chapel Hill School of Law

Superior Court Judge


State of North Carolina

Date Admitted to the Bar


Legal/Judicial Experience
  • 18 years of legal experience
    • Assistant District Attorney
    • Assistant Attorney General
    • District Court Judge
    • Superior Court Judge (current)
Candidate Statement

I am the only candidate to have 8 years of  trial court experience and that is necessary on the Supreme Court being that cases reviewed are coming from the trial court. I am the only judge that has presided over every type of case the Supreme Court will review including the civil rights cases regarding redistricting. I understand the law that governs all the cases and the complexities of those laws.

Republican Primary Contest

NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 15

The winner will face Democratic candidate Martin E. Moore of Asheville in the Nov. 5 general election.

Headshot of Chris Freeman.

Chris Freeman

NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 15 Candidate
Place of Residence

Rockingham County


High Point University; Regent University


District Court Judge; Air Force Reserve JAG Officer.


North Carolina; Air Force.

Date Admitted to the Bar

25 March 2006

Legal/Judicial Experience
  • Third term as District Court Judge who upholds the constitution, follows the law, and delivers justice without delay.
  • Served eight years as an Assistant District Attorney in Rockingham County, trying misdemeanors and felonies before judges and juries.
  • Served since 2013, as a JAG officer in the Air Force providing legal assistance, writing legal reviews, and assisting with court-martials.
Candidate Statement
  • Conservative, Christian, born in North Carolina.
  • Graduated from High Point University and Regent University School of Law.
  • Involved in the community:
    • Attends Osborne Baptist Church in Eden, NC
    • Member of Eden Kiwanis
    • Serves as a board member for the Betsy Jeff-Penn 4H Center, the Monroeton Volunteer Fire Department, the NWTF, and the United Way.
  • Fair and respectful to all, on and off the bench.
  • Service to my county and country is an honor and a blessing to me – for 17 years I have served as (prosecutor, judge, and military officer).
  • I look forward to bringing my conservative judicial philosophy to the appellate court.
  • I will support the constitution, not legislate from the bench, and follow the law as written.

I respectfully ask for your vote on March 5, 2024. If you would like to know more about my background or campaign, please visit my website: chrisfreemanforjudge.com, and my Facebook page.

Headshot of Hunter Murphy.

Hunter Murphy

NC Court of Appeals Judge Seat 15 Candidate
Place of Residence



University of North Carolina – Double Major in Economics and Religion; University of the Pacific – Juris Doctor




North Carolina Court of Appeals

Date Admitted to the Bar

August 25, 2006

Legal/Judicial Experience

I began my career as a general practitioner in Western North Carolina—a smalltown attorney.  In 2016, the people of North Carolina elected me to serve as a judge on our Court of Appeals.

Candidate Statement

I love to serve people, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve all North Carolinians during my time on our Court of Appeals. With your support, I would appreciate the opportunity to continue serving.

Our appellate courts require that judges be thoughtful scholars, passionate about the law, and diligent stewards of our jurisprudence. One of the great things about this job is that my body of work is transparent; my legal reasoning is on the page for you to read, and I believe my opinions, concurrences, and dissents are testaments to my having upheld these standards.

As a husband and father of teenage twins, I understand my duties are twofold: first and foremost, to maintain the rule of law and the integrity of the judiciary for this generation and future ones; and, second, to be the judge that I would want hearing my case, my wife’s, or my children’s if they were in the parties’ shoes. I believe you would want no less for yourself or your family, and that is why I would like to ask for your vote.