Democrats: 2,624,839  
Libertarian: 26,093
Republicans: 1,932,473
Unaffiliated: 1,744,998
Total: 6,327,668
Full Statistics (Updated: 05/16/2015)

The State Board of Elections is the state agency charged with overall responsibility for administration of the elections process and campaign finance disclosure in North Carolina. Press inquiries should be directed to our public information officer, Josh Lawson, at 919-715-9194 or

Recent law changes that affect future elections: North Carolina House Bill 589 (Session Law 2013-381) will affect election dates, voting, and campaign finance matters in future elections. On this website, you can review information about the current law for the 2014 General Election, as well as information about voter ID requirements that go into effect in 2016.

The State Board of Elections is responsible for the administrative Rules found in Chapter 8 of the North Carolina Administrative Code

Check here for information on current rule-making:

Notice of public comment period for Rules on photo ID requirements

To be added to the list of interested parties for rule-making conducted by the State Board of Elections or submit a comment on proposed rules, email or mail to PO Box 27255, Raleigh, NC 27611-7255.