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2014 General Election Canvass Procedures

Nov 12 2014

1. Complete tabulation results in Unity, including:

  • add any provisional results or additional absentee results
  • subtract any votes that have been disallowed (e.g., sustained absentee challenges)
  • adjust totals as required by Board action (e.g., determination of voter intent)

When complete, the Unity ERM results database should include EVERY VOTE COUNTED by machine or by hand and eye...

Provisional Voting Reasons and Determining Whether the Vote Counts

Nov 10 2014

The registration lists will indicate if a person is required to show ID. If such a voter does not present ID at the polls, the voter may vote a provisional ballot, and the provisional ballot will count only if the voter provides proper ID to the county board no later than 5:00 p.m. on the day before the county canvass.  The ID shall either be a current and valid photo ID or a copy of an appropriate document that shows the name and address of the voter. (GS 163-166.12(c))

Absentee ballot requests after the general deadline

Oct 29 2014

This post reviews the difference between MAT visits and the special provision allowing the possibility of certain voters to be personally delivered a mail-in absentee ballot by a CBE Board Member or staff even if the request occurs after the mail-in absentee ballot request deadline.

Voter moves flowcharts; Q&A on voter registration and absentee voting

In response to a county request, our office has produced a couple flow charts to provide simple guides for when a voter has moved recently or since the last time he or she voted. One version was featured in last week's optional teleconference on absentee and voter registration procedures.

Election Night Procedures

Import absentee (one-stop and mail-in) results into Election Reporting starting at 7:30 p.m. Review the results in the Election Reporting application AND the internal Election Reporting website to ensure that they match your Unity results. Once you have reviewed your results, you must then SUBMIT the results in ERS in order for them to display on the public Election Reporting website. As your precincts come in, continue to IMPORT, REVIEW and SUBMIT your results. After you have IMPORTED, REVIEWED and SUBMITTED your final ASCII, preview the public Election Reporting website to verify that all of your precinct results are displaying. Once you have verified that all of your precincts have reported and are being displayed on the website, you must then FINALIZE your Election Night results. Once you have finalized without any issues, you may leave for the night. Do not leave for the night before finalizing your Election Night results. If you are unable to f ...

Absentee Voting Reminders for Election Day Eve

At your absentee board meeting this afternoon, your board should be presented with all returned absentee ballots that have been received through 5:00 p.m. today. GS § 163-232.  The board must be given a list of all approved absentee ballots returned to the county board of elections to be counted. You can prepare a separate list for each precinct. Choose appropriate list in Report Manager. You must also print the civilian and military certificates of oath to attach to each list.