Statements by candidates do not express or reflect the opinions of the State Board of Elections.



Place of Residence: Apex, N.C.
Education: UNC Law School, J.D., with honors, 1988; Western Carolina University, B.S., summa cum laude, 1985; University of Virginia, LL.M., 1998.
Occupation: Chief Justice, NC Supreme Court
Employer: NC Supreme Court
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1988

Legal/judicial Experience: Chief Justice (2014-present), Senior Associate Justice (2006-2014), and Associate Justice (1999-2006), NC Supreme Court; Judge, NC Court of Appeals (1994-1999); Superior Court Judge (1992-1994); Legal Counsel to the Governor (1991-1992); Adjunct faculty, UNC Law (2000-2012), NC Central Law (2000-2006, 2008, 2011), and Duke Law (2006); Attorney, McNair Law Firm (1990-1991); Law Clerk, U.S. District Court (1988-1990).

Candidate Statement: In the history of our State, no person has ever been elected as Chief Justice who did not first serve as an Associate Justice on the NC Supreme Court. I am the only candidate in this race who has served on the Supreme Court. I have served on the Supreme Court for almost 16 years.

I am the only candidate in this race who has authored an appellate decision. I have authored over 400.

With nearly 22 years of judicial experience, I am the only judge in North Carolina who has served on the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Superior Court.

All five former NC Chief Justices – members of both political parties – have endorsed my candidacy.

Experience matters. The Chief Justice leads the Supreme Court and supervises the administration of justice in all 100 counties. I have developed a comprehensive plan to carry out these duties fairly and impartially, which you can review at

I respectfully ask for your vote.



Place of Residence: Southport , NC
Education: Fayetteville State University, B.S., Business Administration, 1986; NCCU School of Law Juris Doctorate 1990
Occupation: Senior Resident
Employer: NC
Date Admitted to the Bar: August 1990

Legal/judicial Experience: Private Practice: Thigpen, Blue; Assistant Prosecutor; Judge/Court: District, Special Superior, Resident Superior, Senior Resident Superior

Candidate Statement: I am running for Chief Justice because I bring a unique set of tools that make me ready to lead day one. Throughout my career, I have run a people-centered, efficient, and effective court, creating five Therapeutic Courts in Brunswick County. Treatment courts build safer communities, reduce recidivism rates, and save money. Moreover, I have kept my focus on doing what is best for North Carolina - not advancing politically.

As a judge, I have presided over cases ranging from misdemeanors to capital first degree murder, and I am prepared to take on the weighty decisions facing a Chief Justice. My rulings have established precedence, and I sit as a court of first review for matters from the Industrial Commission, DMV hearings, Clerk of Superior Court appeals, DWI appeals, and appeals from local governments.

As Chief Justice, I will continue to uphold impartiality and sustain what is right. In leading the Supreme Court, I am willing to apply the innovative steps, experience, and commitment to the rule of law that I have embodied throughout my career. I ask for your vote because I stand ready to work hard, lead, and uphold the Constitutions of North Carolina and the United States.



Place of Residence: Morehead City, NC
Education: Greensboro Page High School, 1965; UNC at Chapel Hill, BA History 1969, JD, 1973; Duke University School of Law L.L.M. Judicial Studies, 2014
Occupation: Justice, NC Supreme Court, 2014-present
Employer: State of NC
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1973

Legal/judicial Experience: Justice, NC Supreme Court, 2014-present; Judge, NC Court of Appeals, 2009-2014; NC Deputy Attorney General 1974; Private Practice of Law 1975–2008; Adjunct Law Professor Elon, Wake Forest and NCCU Schools of Law; FINRA Arbitrator; Certified Mediator; Chairman, State Board of Elections 1985–1989, 2011 NCAJ Appellate Judge of the Year; 2012 NCBA McNeill Smith Constitutional Law Award. Admitted to practice before all federal and the United States Supreme Court.

Candidate Statement: Since 2009, I have heard over 750 appeals. My decisions are made impartially without favoritism to any person or to the State. The law and our Constitutions ground my decisions.

Before becoming a judge, I represented clients from diverse backgrounds with diverse problems. People want fair, common sense solutions to their court cases. I seek to cooperate with my colleagues to arrive at practical solutions which can readily be applied by practicing attorneys.

After a lifetime in private practice, the people of North Carolina gave me the opportunity to serve. My family and I are very grateful. I enjoy judicial work. If elected to the Supreme Court, I will continue my pragmatic approach to solving complex legal problems.

I appreciate your vote.

More information about my family, faith, and personal life can be found at


Place of Residence: Morganton, North Carolina
Education: J.D., cum laude, Harvard Law School, 1981; A.B., magna cum laude, Davidson College, 1978; Graduate, Freedom High School, 1974;
Occupation: Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1981

Legal/judicial Experience: Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals from 2009 to present; Member of North Carolina Utilities Commission from 1999 to 2009; Practiced law in Morganton, NC, from 1981 to 1999.

Candidate Statement: The law is the glue that holds society together. For that reason, the law must be applied fairly, impartially, and without ideological, political, or personal bias. A state Supreme Court decision has significant impact on the people involved and the State as a whole, since such decisions govern countless other cases across North Carolina.

As a Judge of the Court of Appeals, I have produced more than 475 opinions and helped decide more than 1,400 cases involving many important legal issues. In deciding these cases, I carefully studied the facts and thoroughly reviewed the applicable law to ensure that I properly understood the controlling statutes, constitutional provisions, and judicial decisions. I pledge to do the same thing as a member of the Supreme Court.

I humbly ask for your vote.




Place of Residence: Cornelius, N.C.
Education: UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, J.D; University of Georgia, BBA Finance, cum laude; Institute on Political and Economic Systems, Fund for American Studies (coursework Georgetown University, White House internship)
Occupation: Superior Court Judge
Employer: State of N.C.
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1992

Legal/judicial Experience: Superior Court Judge, 2009-present; Rule of Law Counselor, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2008; Justice Attache to Iraq, U.S. Department of Justice, Baghdad, Iraq, 2007-08; Associate Judge, N.C. Court of Appeals, 2003-07; District/Family Court Judge, 1996-2002; Assistant District Attorney, 1992-96

Candidate Statement: I am the only candidate who has served as a judge on the (1) Court of Appeals, (2) District/Family Court, and (3) Superior Court. I am the only candidate who has presided over the most serious criminal cases and most complex civil disputes in our trial courtrooms. I am the only candidate who has served in our trial and appellate courtrooms as a judge.

Except for my service to our nation as the Justice Attache to Iraq (establishing Major Crimes Courts to prosecute terrorists), and my counsel to the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, I have been a judge since 1996. No other candidate has this breadth of experience.

As a judge, it is not my function to make public policy decisions but to adhere to the rule of law and to preserve individual freedoms.

I am described as a "brave, independent jurist" and "Constitutional conservative." I have bipartisan support and am endorsed by former Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, Jr. and former Justice Robert Orr, who say I am "simply the most qualified candidate."


Place of Residence: Wake County
Education: Yale University, B.A.; UNC-Chapel Hill, J.D.
Occupation: Justice, Supreme Court of North Carolina
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1976

Legal/judicial Experience: Justice, NC Supreme Court, 2007-present; Judge, NC Court of Appeals, 2001-2007, first woman elected without being appointed; 1976-2001, law practice; 1977-present, NC Bar Association; 2005-2006, Vice President; 1978-present, NC Association of Women Attorneys.

Candidate Statement: In 13+ years as an appellate judge, I’ve made thousands of decisions; my only agenda is to uphold the law and be fair, not to do what is popular.

In 38 years as a lawyer and judge, I’ve handled every kind of case our Supreme Court sees. I am the only justice who spent nearly 25 years representing people all over the state, at all levels of court and argued in the NC Supreme Court more than 50 times. My work was primarily private practice, where I managed the firm, provided jobs, and made payroll monthly. From 1993 through 2000, I was trial and appellate judge (part-time) for OSHA cases.

I am endorsed by more than a dozen former justices and judges, newspapers, teachers, law enforcement, working people, women’s groups and many others, bipartisan. Despite being viciously attacked by ads distorting my record – ads funded by outside special interests - I came in first in the May primary.

We all want and deserve even-handed judges. I’m fair; I’m independent. And I understand how our complex laws affect real people. North Carolina requires no less on our courts. Please visit, and thanks for your vote.



Place of Residence: Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Education: BA in Economics, Davidson College (1977) JD with Honors, UNC Chapel Hill School of Law (1980)
Occupation: Practicing Attorney and Legal Counselor; Elected State Bar Councilor, Chair of two State Bar Council committees
Employer: Robinson & Lawing, LLP
Date Admitted to the Bar: September, 1980

Legal/judicial Experience: Practicing attorney for over 33 years. Admitted to Federal and State Courts throughout North Carolina, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and US Supreme Court. Have experience with cases at all levels including cases before the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Candidate Statement: I am a lifelong resident of Winston-Salem. I have practiced law in North Carolina over 33 years, advising and representing businesses and individual entrepreneurs. I focus my practice on business disputes and corporate issues. My reputation is of one who is hard-working, honest, fair, thoughtful and community-minded. I have been heavily involved in volunteer work in my community and State including with the church and Hospice.

Supreme Court Justices should impartially and consistently interpret and enforce the U.S. and North Carolina Constitutions and the laws passed by the North Carolina legislature.

Because of my extensive legal experience, I appreciate the need for laws, rules and court decisions to be clear and understandable. The Supreme Court needs someone with the significant business experience I will bring to the Court.

I have received the endorsement of former Supreme Court Justices I. Beverly Lake and Bob Orr.

I ask for your support. My website is


Place of Residence: Raleigh, North Carolina
Education: B.A. Political Science/Economics, Douglass College/Rutgers University Juris Doctorate, The University of Tennessee College of Law Oxford University, England
Occupation: Justice, Supreme Court of N.C.
Employer: State of N.C.
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1993

Legal/judicial Experience: Justice, Supreme Court of N.C. Judge, N.C. Court of Appeals, District Court Judge and Assistant Public Defender, Cumberland County

Candidate Statement: Justice Cheri Beasley serves on the N.C. Supreme Court, our state’s highest court. Justice Beasley is an experienced judge: Beasley became a judge over 15 years ago. She was elected to the N.C. Court of Appeals, serving for 4 years. Justice Beasley served as a District Court Judge in Cumberland County, presiding in Criminal, Family, Civil, Juvenile and Traffic Courts for 10 years.

Justice Beasley knows the importance of preserving individual liberties, judicial interpretation, and applying the rule of law, and remains committed to fundamental values of integrity and fairness. The N.C. Constitution guarantees additional individual rights for North Carolinians, and Justice Beasley is committed to applying the state constitution and state law whenever federal law does not govern. To Beasley, cases are serious with far-reaching effects. She says, “We all share an interest in an experienced Supreme Court that upholds the rule of law—mindful that these cases affect real families and real businesses across our state. I’m asking for your support.”

Justice Beasley has long-standing service to our communities, education, and mentorship. Justice Beasley holds strong family values. She and her husband of over 20 years, Curtis Owens, a clinical research scientist, and their 13-year-old twin sons worship at First Baptist Church of Raleigh.



Place of Residence: Ash, NC
Education: Campbell University School of Law, J.D. 1991; Campbell University, BBA Trust Management, 1988
Occupation: District Court Judge
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1991

Legal/judicial Experience: District Court Judge, 13th Judicial District, 2000-Present; Certified Juvenile Judge.; Assistant District Attorney, Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus Counties, 1993-2000; Trial Attorney Stanley & Stanley, Shallotte, NC 1991-1993.

Candidate Statement: Twenty three years ago, I started my legal career by swearing to support and defend the US and NC Constitutions. In my roles as an attorney, a Prosecutor and finally as a District Court Judge, I’ve never lost sight of this solemn obligation. I believe that liberty can only be guaranteed within the framework of our founding documents. Every day, I apply these conservative principles, not in an effort to create public policy, but to insure that every citizen receives a fair and just decision. Every day, my decisions are made in open court, transparently, for all the public to see.

Having tried cases for 23 years, specifically as a trial judge for the last 14 years, I have the knowledge and experience needed in the Court of Appeals. I know that legal decisions greatly impact us all in a very practical and personal way.

As an appellate judge, I will studiously apply the law without partiality or hidden agendas. Parties can expect reasoned and fair decisions that follow the law and the Constitution.

I have been called “a prime example of how every judge should conduct themselves in a court of law”.

I ask for your vote.


Place of Residence: Greensboro
Education: B.S. in Computer Science, magna cum laude, NC State University, 1981; J.D., with honors, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law 1989; An Editor of the North Carolina Law Review
Occupation: Attorney in Private Practice
Employer: Self-employed, owner of law firm with five employees
Date Admitted to the Bar: August 18, 1989

Legal/judicial Experience: General civil practice of law for 25 years, almost exclusively in the State trial and appellate Courts, including numerous jury trials to verdict and appeals. In addition, I served 12 years on the NC State Board of Elections, and conducted numerous quasi-judicial hearings regarding election law disputes, from residency disputes to campaign finance violations, including hearings that led to criminal convictions of Meg Scott Phipps, former Speaker Jim Black, and former Governor Mike Easley, among others.

Candidate Statement: The Psalmist chastised the judges of his day, asking “Do you judge with equity, o son of man?” The need for fair judges is no less important today and is crucial to our state’s continued growth and development.

Our best judges are the ones that remember that they are servants of the parties who come into their courts seeking relief. Judges who forget this undermine the public’s confidence in and respect for our legal institutions. My professional career and service on the State Board of Elections have demonstrated diligence and fairness that would serve our citizens well on the Court of Appeals. I have been honored to serve our State in the past, and I ask for your support to do so again.


Place of Residence: Cumberland County, Fayetteville, NC
Education: UVA School of Law, Master of Laws in Judicial Process (2004); Duke University, School of Business, MBA (1988); Campbell University School of Law, Juris Doctor with honors, (Charter Class 1979); Notre Dame Law School, London School of Economic & Political Science, (1977); UNC-W, Bachelor of Arts, English/Secondary Education, Dean/Chancellor Lists (1974); Terry Sanford High School in Fayetteville, NC (1971).
Occupation: Recall Judge, NC Court of Appeals, 2009-2013 & 2014-present; Emergency Superior Court Judge, 2009-2013 & 2014-present; Adj Professor, Campbell University School of Law, 1987-present.
Employer: North Carolina, Campbell University
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1980

Legal/judicial Experience: Judge, NC Court of Appeals, 2001-2009; NC Ethics Commission, 2012-2014, Chairman 2014; NC Bar Board Certified Specialist in Real Property Law, 2001-present; AV-Pre Eminent Peer Rating, Martindale Hubbell since 2009; Certified Appellate Mediator, NC Court of Appeals, 2003-present; Certified AAA Arbitrator, 1991-present; Private Practice Attorney, 1993-2001.

Candidate Statement: I was elected to and served on the NC Court of Appeals for eight years, the only candidate with this extent of judicial experience. My role is to interpret the Constitution, ensure the law is applied as written and leave the creation of law to the legislature. I promise to uphold the Constitution and apply the laws fairly and impartially. I do not believe in judicial activism in which judges create laws from the bench. My experience is endorsed by numerous trial and appellate court judges and justices. I request your vote November 4th to return me to the Court of Appeals in a full-time capacity. Please visit my website:


Place of Residence: Raleigh, North Carolina
Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1983; University of North Carolina School of Law with Honors, 1986
Occupation: Litigation Partner, Williams Mullen
Employer: Williams Mullen
Date Admitted to the Bar: September 2, 1986

Legal/judicial Experience: Litigation Partner at Williams Mullen 2007-Present; Maupin Taylor Ellis & Adams (later Maupin Taylor) 1987-2007; Law Clerk for the Honorable Willis P. Whichard North Carolina Supreme Court, and Honorable Robert F. Orr, North Carolina Court of Appeals1986-1987

Candidate Statement: With appellate clerkship experience and 27 years experience representing clients on a variety of legal issues in the State, Federal, Business, and Appellate Courts of North Carolina, the breadth and depth of my work experiences will assist me in rendering opinions that are well researched, well reasoned and clear. My commercial litigation background will be particularly useful in reviewing issues that affect North Carolina businesses.

I do not seek this judgeship with any agenda and pledge to be independent and fair to all parties.

In addition to my work as a lawyer, I believe in giving back to my profession, my church and my community. For a number of years I have served on the Williams Mullen Diversity Committee and as Chair of the firm’s Women’s Initiative. I have served as Ethics Co-Chair of the Litigation Section of the North Carolina Bar Association and on the Appellate Rules Study Committee. In my church and community, I have served on the Diaconate of White Memorial Presbyterian Church and served the Shepherd's Table Soup Kitchen Board of Directors for 10+ years.


Place of Residence: Cary, N.C.
Education: Wake Forest University, B.A., 1982; UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, J.D. 1985
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Hedrick, Gardner, Kincheloe & Garofalo, LLP
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1985

Legal/judicial Experience: Law Clerk to Chief Judge Hedrick, N.C. Court of Appeals, 1985-87; Private trial practice 1987 until present; Adjunct Professor, Campbell University Law School; President, N.C. Association of Defense Attorneys (civil defense organization) 2011-2012. Rated Top 100 Lawyers in N.C. 2014, Top 50 Women Lawyers in N.C. 2006-14; Best Lawyers in America, 2003-14; America’s Leading Lawyers in Litigation, Chambers USA 2013-14. 2012 Women of Justice Award. AV® Preeminent Martindale-Hubbell rating.

Candidate Statement: As a law clerk for Chief Judge Hedrick at the Court of Appeals in 1985, I learned the role of an Appellate Judge. He taught me that a Court of Appeals Judge must be able to study the law, understand its application to the facts of each case, and to make decisions that are fair, impartial, and consistent.

After 27 years of an active trial practice, representing police officers, teachers, and other citizens and their businesses, I understand how important his guidance was to me.

I have handled 34 cases on appeal at the state or federal level and believe that North Carolinians deserve to have judges who will apply the law the same way to everyone, regardless of their background, finances, political affiliations, or personal views.

I am a North Carolina native, married, and the proud mother of two grown sons.


Place of Residence: Raleigh, NC
Education: B.A., Duke University; J.D., Wake Forest University
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Wallace & Nordan, LLP
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1998

Legal/judicial Experience: Attorney, Wallace & Nordan, LLP, since 2000; Law Clerk to Justice George Wainwright, N.C. Supreme Court, 1999-2000; Law Clerk to Judge Ralph Walker, N.C. Court of Appeals, 1998-1999

Candidate Statement: I am running for Court of Appeals because I want to do my part to ensure that the North Carolina I call home remains a place that my children can be proud of, with a legal system that is fair and just for all its citizens.

My family moved to Columbus County after my father retired from the U.S. Coast Guard, and my parents still live there. My mother recently retired after 42 years of teaching. After college, I worked as a county librarian and trained and worked as a police officer.

After law school, I was fortunate to gain valuable experience as a law clerk at the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. There, I learned about our Courts and the cases they hear.

In private practice, I have represented individuals and businesses in commercial disputes and before government agencies. I have advised clients on complying with complex governmental regulations. I understand how difficult it can be when faced with obstacles to your life and business.

I want to make certain that our state remains a place of prosperity and fairness for our children. I am an independent, fair-minded, and unaffiliated candidate for judge.

I would appreciate your vote.

Please visit

Thank you.


Place of Residence: Raleigh, NC
Education: MPA Harvard Kennedy School 2003; JD Western New England University School of Law 1977; BA UNC–Chapel Hill 1974.
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Martin Law Firm
Date Admitted to the Bar: NC 1977; WV 1978

Legal/judicial Experience: Martin Law Firm, 1987–2014; Wake County Assistant District Attorney, 1980-1987; North Carolina Court of Appeals, 1978-1979

Candidate Statement: My life and legal experiences have prepared me to serve as a North Carolina Court of Appeals judge.

As a young lawyer clerking for later N.C. Supreme Court Justice John Webb, I learned the integrity, judgment, independence, toughness, and gentle humanity required for an outstanding appellate judge.

As a Wake County Assistant District Attorney, I tried criminal cases daily. This taught me about human nature and the trial courts which are needed to review appeals fairly and effectively.

While representing young people, I co-founded Courthouse KidsCenter – North Carolina’s first court-based, drop-in, childcare center – and the N.C. Bar Association’s Juvenile Justice and Children’s Rights section to help them. I served on the Alzheimer’s Association state and national nonprofit boards and others.

In mid-career, I challenged myself. I left my established practice to study nonprofit organizations at the Harvard Kennedy School. This enabled me to create a unique law practice focused on helping nonprofits achieve their missions to make North Carolina better!

This year, when my service on a national IRS advisory committee ended, I asked myself, “Where shall I serve now?”

I respectfully seek this opportunity to serve North Carolina and ask for your vote. Thank you.

See: and


Place of Residence: Waynesville
Education: UNC – B.A. Economics and Religion; University of the Pacific- J.D
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Hunter Murphy Law, PC
Date Admitted to the Bar: August 25, 2006

Legal/Judicial Experience: I have practiced law in the mountains of North Carolina my entire career. I won my first case before the Court of Appeals after only six months of practicing law. I am proud of my appellate record and I am proud of my trial record. As a trial attorney, I have represented clients in all facets of civil actions and accusations. In addition to my practice in State Courts, I have experience in Federal Court and Tribal Courts of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Candidate Statement: Kellie and I are the proud parents of four-year-old twins, Brayden and Eden. We live in Waynesville and are members of Pinnacle Church in Canton. I have enjoyed coaching little league in the past and look forward to coaching my own kids next year. I look forward to having an opportunity to help the next generation maintain a responsible judiciary.

Our Courts’ greatest strength is the public’s trust. To maintain this trust, judges must stand up for our rights recognized by the Constitution. Judges are elected to honestly, fairly, and impartially decide each case on its merits. Judges are not elected to write laws. Activist judges erode the public’s trust. I believe a judge should never have a political or personal agenda so, I pledge to be a Non-Activist judge. I look forward to contributing my diverse education, trial experience, and passion for the law to the Court of Appeals.


Place of Residence: Raleigh
Education: UNC School of Law, JD (Honors) 2002; NCSU, magna cum laude, 1996; Highest Academic Achievement in History Award; NC Teaching Fellow; Broughton HS, Raleigh, 1993
Occupation: : Deputy Commissioner, N.C. Industrial Commission (NCIC)
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: 2002

Legal/judicial Experience: Deputy Commissioner, 2011-present; Claims Administration Director, 2008-2011; Special Deputy Commissioner, 2006-2008; UNC School of Law, Adjunct Professor, 2007-2008; Assistant Appellate Defender, 2005-2006; NC Court of Appeals law clerk, Judge Robert C. Hunter (2004-2005); Judge James Wynn, Jr. (2002-2004);

Candidate Statement: North Carolina citizens deserve fair, impartial and competent judges who serve with integrity. These principles have guided my twelve years as an attorney. Traveling throughout North Carolina as a Deputy Commissioner, I serve as a judge in workers’ compensation cases and State tort claims. In my courtroom, everyone has a fair opportunity to present their cases and they are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect. I decide cases based upon the law after considering the evidence presented.

As an Assistant Appellate Defender, I represented citizens in appeals before the NC Court of Appeals, and as a law professor, I taught legal research and writing skills. As a law clerk, I researched and drafted appellate decisions for Court of Appeals judges.

I am a life-long North Carolina resident, a mother, and the daughter of a Baptist minister and retired educator. As a former teacher, I enjoy working with church youth. For eight years, I served on the NC Healthy Start Foundation Board of Directors, an organization committed to reducing infant mortality.


Place of Residence: New Bern, North Carolina
Education: Bachelor of Science, Political Science Western Carolina University 1980; Juris Doctorate Campbell University 1985
Occupation: Assistant Public Defender
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: August 4, 1985

Legal/judicial Experience: 26 years as an attorney; Assistant District Attorney 18 years; Assistant Public Defender 3 years; Private Practice of Law 1 year; Senior Staff Attorney, N.C. Justice Academy 2 years; Instructor for National College of District Attorneys; Trial Advocacy Courses; National Advocacy Center, Columbia, S.C.2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010; Instructor for National District Attorneys; Association Career Prosecutor Course, Charleston, S.C. 2007, 2008, 2009; Trial Advocacy Series, Alaska 2007, 2008, 2009; N.C. School of Government Faculty Workshop Leader, Defender Trial School Chapel Hill, N.C. 2013, 2014

Candidate Statement: My experience as a veteran trial lawyer, both for the prosecution and defense, has provided me with an unbiased perspective and has prepared me for a position on the appellate court bench. The role of our appellate courts is to insure fair and consistent treatment for all parties, regardless of status, race, or position. A careful, reasoned, and impartial review and application of the proper legal principles and case law is the cornerstone of our justice system. I am well qualified for this position and will be proud to serve as a fair and impartial judge on the North Carolina Court of Appeals.


Place of Residence: Raleigh, NC
Education: College, B.A. (American History) 1974; Harvard Law School (J.D.) 1977
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Law office of Abraham P. Jones
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1977

Legal/judicial Experience: Private Practice, 2012-current and 1987-1995; Adjunct Professor; UNC School of Law 2002 – current; NC Superior Court Judge, 1995-2012; NC Administrative Law Judge, 1985-1986; Assistant NC Attorney General (Tort Claims, Medicaid Fraud), 1983-1984; Prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney (Eastern District, NC), 1979-1983; Law Clerk US District Court (D.C.), US Court of Appeals (D.C. Circuit); 1977-1978

Candidate Statement: I am running for the Court of Appeals in my home state of North Carolina, as a seasoned trial attorney, and former, long-standing Superior Court judge. While there is an abundance of legal talent in our state, I believe it would be difficult to find a candidate with the extent of my experience. I have served as both a prosecutor and defense attorney in criminal cases. I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases. I have tried numerous cases before the bench, and since my appointment by Governor Hunt in 1995, I have presided over many cases from behind the bench. These perspectives give me the balanced, practical skills that are necessary to fulfill the duties of an Appeals Court judge. Fairness, honesty, intellectual capacity, a working knowledge of the law, and a strong work ethic are qualities that I value and possess.

I would be honored to serve the citizens of NC, and I would greatly appreciate your vote.


Place of Residence: Wake County
Education: Davidson College, B.A., cum laude; UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, J.D. with honors
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Bailey & Dixon, LLP
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1980

Legal/judicial Experience: Over 30 years of professional legal experience including legislative, administrative, and private practice; Non-partisan legal counsel to GOP and Democrat legislative leaders and legislative committees; Assistant Secretary at NC Department of Revenue; Attorney at Office of Administrative Hearings; Past president of Administrative Law Section of NC Bar Association.

Candidate Statement: When Judge Martin retired he wrote a very good guide of what he hoped his replacement would bring to the NC Court of Appeals: be diligent, be fair, be without an ideological agenda, be collegial, and be of good temperament.

I agree wholeheartedly.

His words partly inspired me to run for judge. These qualities are what I value and North Carolina values. My pledge to you is simple: I promise to apply these values every day in deciding the issues that come before the court. Everyone will be treated fairly, consistently, and only within the context of the law.

My record of considering both sides of an issue and my experience on three sides of the law – writing laws, enforcing laws, and interpreting laws on behalf of clients – gives me a unique perspective on both the intent and language of the law. It also makes me a uniquely qualified Court of Appeals candidate.

Visit me and learn more at

I would be honored to serve you on the Court of Appeals and I appreciate your vote.


Place of Residence: Hertford, North Carolina
Education: Charlotte School of Law, J.D. 2010; North Carolina State University, B.A. 2005; College of the Albemarle
Occupation: Criminal and Traffic Defense Lawyer in Camden, Chowan, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Pasquotank and Perquimans Counties.
Employer: Donahue Law Firm, PLLC
Date Admitted to the Bar: Fall 2010

Legal/judicial Experience: Guardian Ad Litem Attorney Advocate in Currituck County since 2011– present. Representing abused, neglected and dependent children in Currituck Department of Social Services court; Criminal Defense practitioner in the First Judicial District since 2010—present.

Candidate Statement: I'm a political nobody. I am a small town defense lawyer in rural northeast North Carolina. Professionally, I help those accused of crimes, as described in the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I have no strong ties to any party, power or influence. I have not taken a dime from any interested party, person or group, and I do not plan to. I will fund my own campaign. Judicial independence becomes suspect when money is exchanged.

I am asking for support in the form of votes so that I can head to Raleigh to succeed retired Chief Judge John Martin on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. The only promise that I am making is that I will do my best in writing opinions by applying the law as it is written. I believe both David and Goliath walk into a courtroom on equal footing and they should be treated as equals in the eyes of the law. I will carry with me no bias and no agenda. Thank you for your support.


Place of Residence: Raleigh
Education: University of Kansas, BA; N.C. Central University, JD, cum laude
Occupation: Deputy Commissioner
Employer: N.C. Industrial Commission
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1989

Legal/judicial Experience: 2002 – present, Deputy Commissioner; 1997-2002, Special Deputy Commissioner; 1989-1997, Staff Counsel, N.C. Court of Appeals

Candidate Statement: I have been a licensed member of the NC State Bar for 25 years. Every day of my career has been spent in the service of the people of North Carolina. While on Staff Counsel at the Court of Appeals, I wrote more than 600 proposed opinions for the Court. In my 12 years as a Deputy Commissioner, I have heard cases across the state, and written approximately 700 opinions. For the last three years, I have been one of two deputies who hear “special set” claims including the most complicated workers’ compensation cases, as well as those brought pursuant to the Tort Claims Act, for which the Industrial Commission constitutes the general court of justice.

I have a statewide reputation for fairness, knowledge of the law and skilled writing. My experience and ability to perform the position of Court of Appeals Judge are unquestioned. I have strong support from both plaintiff and defense bars.

One of the paramount problems facing the judiciary is the public perception that judges are being elected with a personal or political agenda, resulting in decisions that are grounded in bias. I believe my greatest asset is my ability to judge cases based solely on the facts and the laws of our State.

Please visit

Thank you for your support


Place of Residence: Cary, North Carolina
Education: Georgia Tech—BS Industrial Engineering, 1984; University of North Carolina—JD, 1994
Occupation: Wake County District Court Judge
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: August 1994

Legal/judicial Experience: Wake County District Court Judge (2007 - Current); Wake County Assistant County Attorney (1999 - 2007); Guardian Ad Litem Attorney; Private Practice Attorney; Clerk for NC Supreme Court - Justice Henry Frye

Candidate Statement: Appointed to the Wake County District Court bench in 2007 and elected in 2008 and 2012, Judge Christian has presided over countless criminal, civil and domestic cases.

“Every day I see how our judicial system impacts the lives of working families. I will take my experience helping them navigate that system to the Appeals Court, and ensure a fair, efficient judicial process,” Christian said.

Judge Christian earned her undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech in 1984 and then graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Law. She clerked for former Chief Justice Henry Frye of the North Carolina Supreme Court, and practiced with a small private law firm until she began serving as an assistant County Attorney for Abuse, Neglect and Dependency Court.

She has also served as a board member for Urban Ministries of Wake County, Learning Together, the North Carolina Kidney Foundation and the Wake County Bar. Judge Christian is considered a conscientious, thoughtful and diligent jurist who is well-respected and highly-rated by the legal community.

Judge Christian is married to Wayne Christian and they have two college-aged children, Nia and Justin.


Place of Residence: Clayton, NC
Education: Rhode Island College, Bachelor of Arts, 1990; North Carolina Central University, Juris Doctor, 1998
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: J.M. Cook, P.A
Date Admitted to the Bar: August 1998

Legal/judicial Experience: Law Clerk, Narron, O'Hale & Whittington, PA, 1995-1998; Associate Attorney, Narron, O'Hale & Whittington, PA, 1998-2000; Senior Staff Attorney, US Bankruptcy Administrator's Office, 2000-2009; Solo Practitioner, J.M. Cook, PA, 2009-Present; Admitted to Practice before state courts of North Carolina and Rhode Island, the federal courts for the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina and the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

Candidate Statement: Through my career in the military, I discovered that there is no greater calling than service to your country and your community. I also learned from spending time overseas that it is our laws that help make our nation great. It is the law that protects the rights of all of us to live free. But it is all too often that the law is influenced by how much money you have or who you know. As a member of the Court of Appeals, my number one priority would be to ensure that all our citizens receive equal treatment under the law. This even application of the law as it is written, not how one wishes it to be, is the only way to guarantee the preservation of freedom for all of us.


Place of Residence: Raleigh, NC
Education: A.B. Journalism, UNC-CH 1971, JD with Honors, UNC-CH 1974
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Retired
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1974

Legal/judicial Experience: NC Bar Association, Education Law Section, 2000-present; Contract Employment with UNC-W, September 2013-September 2014; Contract Employment with Appalachian State, September 2013-February 2014; Contract Employment with NCSU, June 2012-October 2012; Contract Employment with UNC-W, Interim General Counsel, August 2010-April 2012; NC Bar Association CLE Committee, 2000-2010; Chairman, Hearing Panel, NC Criminal Justice Commission, 1992-2009; NC Criminal Justice Commission, 1987-2009; Assistant General Counsel, UNC General Administration, 1985-2009; NC Bar Association, Education Law Section, Distinguished Service Award, 2004; NC State Bar Disciplinary Hearing Commission, 1998-2004; NC Juvenile Justice Commission, 2001-2004; Assistant Attorney General, 1975-1985; Clerk to Chief Justice Susie Sharp, 1974-1975 (First woman Law Clerk)

Candidate Statement: Betsy believes that she will be a good candidate for the NC Court of Appeals because she has thirty years of experience in hearing, deliberating, and deciding cases. She has a wide background in different areas of the law and particularly enjoys appellate work. She also serves as a docent at the NC Museum of Art, and is a volunteer at Rex Hospital.


Place of Residence: Charlotte, N.C.
Education: University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, J.D. 1982; Catawba College, B.A. Magna Cum Laude 1979; Hudson High School, Hudson, N.C. 1975
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: James, McElroy & Diehl, P.A.
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1982

Legal/judicial Experience: Judge, N.C. Court of Appeals, 2007-2008; Special Superior Court Judge, 2007; James, McElroy & Diehl, P.A., 1989-2007; 2009-present (A.V. rated by Martindale-Hubble; Arbitrator with American Arbitration Association); Research Assistant to Judge Gerald Arnold, Staff Attorney/Senior Staff Attorney/Staff Director, N.C. Court of Appeals, 1983-1989; Wilson, Palmer & Cannon, 1982-1983; North Carolina Banking Commission, 1995-2001; North Carolina Rules Review Commission, 1999-2001; North Carolina Election Law Review Commission, 1994-1995; Attorney Generals’ Advisory Commission on Statutes, 1995

Candidate Statement: It was an honor to serve you on the Court of Appeals in 2007-2008, during which time I authored 118 opinions. My record reflects that I administered justice equally, fairly, and without favoritism, and I will do so again if elected.

My life experiences, judicial service, 23 years of representing individuals and businesses in private practice, together with my community, civic, and religious involvement, make me uniquely qualified to serve you again.

A native North Carolinian, I lived my early life in rural Yancey County. My parents died when I was 15, and I went to live with my brother, a Highway Patrolman, in Lenoir. I was educated in our public schools and obtained my law degree from Carolina.

I ask for your support and vote.

John S. Arrowood: Experience. Fairness. Integrity.


Place of Residence: Yadkinville, North Carolina
Education: Harvard Law School, JD cum laude 1987; Michigan State University, BA with honors 1984
Occupation: Attorney
Employer: Partner, Zachary Law Offices
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1988 NC, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, Western District of NC; 1992 Middle District of NC; 1993 US Tax Court

Legal/judicial Experience: 1989 – present: General practice in Yadkinville, North Carolina; 1987-1989: Kennedy Covington Lobdell & Hickman (now K&L Gates), Charlotte, North Carolina; 1986 -1987: Professor Laurence H. Tribe -- assist in research and writing of American Constitutional Law, 2nd edition.

Candidate Statement: For the last 25 years, I have practiced law with my husband Lee Zachary in Yadkin County. Life and legal practice are very different in North Carolina’s rural areas than in the urban centers, and I am intimately acquainted with the issues impacting North Carolina’s rural residents. Having a family (an adult daughter and two adult step-daughters) has also affected my views. Because of these experiences, I will bring a different judicial perspective to cases that I review.

I share the conservative values of many of North Carolina’s citizens. Legislatures, not judges, should make laws. Appellate judges should decide each case with impartiality and fairness. Moreover, the North Carolina courts should reflect the state’s population. 85 of North Carolina’s 100 counties are rural, and it is important to have appellate judges from rural as well as urban counties.

My conservative values are shared by many and I enjoy bipartisan support.

It would be my privilege to serve on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. I would appreciate your vote.



Place of Residence: King, NC
Education: Texas Southern University School of Law, J.D., UNC- Chapel Hill, B.A.
Occupation: District Court Judge
Employer: State of N.C.
Date Admitted to the Bar: 2006

Legal/judicial Experience: District Court Judge, 2008-present; Assistant District Attorney, Stokes and Surry Counties, 2006-2008; NC Bar Association Administration of Justice Committee [2012-present]

Candidate Statement: I believe the role of a judge is to decide cases based upon what the law is and not what the law should be. I am firmly committed to the protection of our individual liberties, and I understand that the efficient, predictable administration of justice is critical to economic growth and prosperity in our state.

My experience as a trial court judge and prosecutor provides me the valuable real world perspective that is needed on the Court of Appeals. As a certified juvenile court judge, I partner daily with parents and social services to protect the best interests of our children; as a prosecutor, I worked side by side with law enforcement to lock up dangerous criminals and protect victims’ rights.

Traditions of family and public service are of the utmost importance to me. I reside in King, NC with my wife, Beth, and children, Kate and Flynn. I am a member of Trinity United Methodist Church and the King Lions Club and also work with the Stop Child Abuse Now Committee and Child Fatality Prevention Team in Stokes and Surry Counties. To learn more, visit:


Place of Residence: Wake County
Education: NC State University, B.A. in English; UNC-Chapel Hill, J.D.
Occupation: Special Superior Court Judge
Employer: State of N.C.
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1990 North Carolina, 1992 California

Legal/judicial Experience: 2010-present, Special Superior Court Judge; 1992-2010, litigation attorney representing individuals and businesses; 1990-1992, law clerk to North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice James G. Exum, Jr.

Candidate Statement: In 24 years as a lawyer and a judge, I have served people in communities large and small. I have presided in hearings and jury trials of matters ranging from family disputes to first-degree murder cases in more than 40 counties across North Carolina.

Every person in every courtroom deserves to be treated fairly and with respect. Judges fulfill that duty by consistently following the law prescribed by the federal and state constitutions, acts of the legislature, and prior decisions.

The Court of Appeals reviews cases from across the state involving individuals, families, and businesses, and its decisions affect North Carolinians for generations to come. Each judge should bring to the court a strong work ethic and the experience and skill to resolve difficult questions and write decisions that everyone can understand. I am prepared and eager to do just this.

Four retired North Carolina Supreme Court chief justices -- both Democrat and Republican -- and dozens of retired justices and judges have endorsed me as the most qualified candidate in my race. I appreciate your caring about our court system and hope to earn your vote. You can find out more about me at



Place of Residence: Garner, N.C.
Education: Duke University School of Law, LL.M. in Judicial Studies, 2014; Campbell University School of Law, 1988, J.D., magna cum laude; Campbell University, 1985, B.A., Government, summa cum laude
Occupation: Court of Appeals Judge
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: August 1988

Legal/judicial Experience: Judge, Court of Appeals, elected 2006; Adjunct Professor, Campbell University School of Law, 2008 to present; District Court Judge, Wake County, 2004-2006; Private practice of law, 1988-2004; Certified District Court Arbitrator, 1996-2004; Certified Superior Court Mediator, 1997-2004

Candidate Statement: I am humbled to have no opposition this year for re-election to the Court of Appeals. I want to thank the people of North Carolina for the honor and privilege of serving them for the past 10 years as a judge. I pledge to continue to decide each case fairly and impartially, upholding the Constitutions of North Carolina and the United States and applying the law as it is written and not as I may wish it to be, with a sensitivity to how each case will affect both the parties and the development of the law. My service as a judge is my calling, and in addition to serving on the Court of Appeals, I also teach Judicial Process at Campbell University School of Law and continuing education courses for trial judges and lawyers. Please visit my website at for more information.



Place of Residence: Clayton
Education: Univ. of Tennessee, J.D. UNC-Chapel Hill, B.A
Occupation: District Court Judge
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: North Carolina, 2001; Tennessee, 1994; US Supreme Court, 1999

Legal/judicial Experience: District Court Judge, 2009-Present; Assistant District Attorney, 1994-2008

Candidate Statement: Judges must treat each case and the people involved with fairness, respect and impartiality. They must also be experienced in the various types of cases that come before the Court of Appeals. Since I was elected a District Court Judge six years ago, I have presided over thousands of cases including criminal, divorce, child custody, child support, child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency and mental health competency. I have the experience it takes to serve in this important role.

I have spent my entire career in public service. I am the only candidate in this race who has been elected to office, as former Governor Perdue appointed my opponent. I earned the support of those who voted to make me a District Court Judge and I am working to earn the vote of every North Carolinian as I seek election to the Court of Appeals.

Other than a few years during and after law school, I have lived my whole life in North Carolina. My wife and I are raising our children here. We are committed to North Carolina’s future.

My pledge to you is simple: If elected, I will continue to apply the law fairly and justly and will work to improve the administration of justice across North Carolina. I ask for your support in November.


Place of Residence: Wake County, North Carolina
Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, B.A., J.D.
Occupation: Judge, North Carolina Court of Appeals
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1991

Legal/judicial Experience: Judge, NC Court of Appeals since 2012; Member, Womble Carlyle Sandridge and Rice; Special Deputy Attorney General; General Counsel to Governor of North Carolina

Candidate Statement: North Carolinians deserve one thing above all from their judges: fairness.

In each case that comes before me, I study all the legal issues, listen to all points of view, and fairly apply the law. No personal or political agenda should ever enter into a judge’s decision-making. I will always be fair to everyone who comes to our court.

I believe that my service on the Court of Appeals and my broad legal background equip me to meet the needs of North Carolina families, businesses, and communities. I have served on the Court of Appeals since 2012. By the November election I will have decided more than 600 cases and written more than 200 court decisions.

I brought 19 years of prior legal experience to the Court, and during that time I handled hundreds of cases in state and federal courts.

I’m very proud of the bipartisan support I’ve received. My candidacy has been endorsed by both Republican and Democratic former Justices of the Supreme Court and former Judges on the Court of Appeals.

My wife Marcia and I have lived our entire lives in North Carolina. We’ve been married for 22 years and have three children.

I’d appreciate your support.