2016 Candidate Filing

Candidate Filing Checklist

☐  Download and complete Notice of Candidacy 

☐  Sign Notice of Candidacy in the presence of a notary 

☐  Take Notice of Candidacy to your county board of elections to complete verification section 

☐  Mail Notice of Candidacy along with your filing fee to the State Board of Elections  


☐  Bring Notice of Candidacy along with your filing fee to the State Board of Elections  

☐  Make your check payable to NC State Board of Elections in the amount of ______. 

☐  Bring your photo ID if you are filing on site (in the event that we need to notarize any forms). 

Completing the Notice of Candidacy Form

TOP OF FORM: You do not need a candidate ID number in advance. That number will be generated at the State Board when you submit your paperwork.

CANDIDATE’S NOTICE AND PLEDGE:  Select the applicable box.

CANDIDATE INFORMATION:  Include your full legal name and your name as you wish it to appear on the ballot.  Bear in mind that your contact information will be publicly available.

FELONY DISCLOSURE:  Select YES or NO. (If you select yes,” you must complete the Candidate Felony Disclosure form within 48 hours of submitting the Notice of Candidacy).

AFFIDAVIT ATTESTING TO NICKNAME:  Complete this section only if you are using a nickname on the ballot. (Visit 2016 Candidates Guide for rules about using nicknames.) 

CANDIDATES AFFIRMATION:  Sign and date in the presence of a notary.

CERTIFICATION AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT:  We have notaries on site. Iyou are mailing the paperwork, please be certain that all required notarizations have been completed. 

VERIFICATION BY COUNTY BOARD OF ELECTIONS:  Complete the verification at your county board before you submit the Notice of Candidacy to the State Board.

It is important that all potential candidates be fully aware of North Carolina law regarding campaign financeFinancial penalties are assessed for noncompliance.  Review the legal requirements now by visiting www.ncsbe.gov/Campaign-Finance. Questions about campaign finance should be directed to the Campaign Finance office at (919) 733- 7173 or via campaign.reporting@ncsbe.gov.