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Voting Options in North Carolina

Any person registered to vote in North Carolina and seeking to vote in an election has several options available. A voter may use of any of the following methods to cast a ballot:

  • A voter may vote absentee-by-mail. This entails requesting a ballot from the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement, receiving and voting the ballot, and then mailing it back by a certain deadline. For more information on absentee-by-mail voting procedures and deadlines, visit our absentee voting page.
  • A voter may vote in-person during one-stop absentee (early) voting. This entails presenting at any early voting location in your county of residence, and casting a ballot in person. For more information on early voting procedures and times, visit our one-stop voting page.
  • A voter may vote in-person on Election Day. This entails presenting at your specific precinct polling place and casting your vote on Election Day.

Accessible Voting

North Carolina is committed to making the voting process as accessible as possible. We offer a number of accomodations for any voter who may have difficulty voting via the three options listed above. For more information on the types of aid offered, as well as how to request/use them, please visit our voting accessibility page.