MPO/RPO SEI Instructions & Forms

Welcome to the State Ethics Commission’s Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) Web Page for MPOs/RPOs.

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All MPO/RPO members and their alternates or designees must file a Real Estate Disclosure Form in addition to their Statements of Economic Interest. For electronic filers, the Real Estate Disclosure Form has been incorporated into the SEI questions for 2017.

Electronic Filing

Type your responses and file your SEI electronically. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND ELECTRONIC FILING. It’s fast, easy, ensures immediate confirmation of your filing, and saves your information for future filings.

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Manual Filing

Print PDF document and handwrite your responses and mail or hand deliver your SEI.

You MUST complete the ENTIRE form or you will be asked to re-file!! Do not leave answers blank!


2018 SEI Long Form  or
2018 SEI No Change Form
Real Estate Disclosure Form (This is only for MPO/RPO Filers)