Statements of Economic Interest (SEIs)


The State Government Ethics Act requires the disclosure of financial and personal interests by most covered persons. Public servants who are covered by the Ethics Act but who make less than $60,000 per year, and ex-officio members of university and community college boards of trustees do not have to make these disclosures.

Due Dates

Initial Filing. Covered persons who are required to file an SEI must do so prior to their initial appointment, election, or employment.

Annual Filing. SEIs must be filed annually no later than April 15th.


The Commission evaluates the SEIs of public servants for actual and potential conflicts of interest between the public servant’s public duties and private interests.


The Commission may assess a $250 civil penalty for late or non-filing. Criminal penalties apply to concealing information or providing false information.

Public Record

SEIs, including any attachments and evaluations are public record. HOWEVER, the Confidential Form used for providing the full names of Unemancipated (minor) Children, IS NOT A PUBLIC RECORD.

In addition, beginning in 2015, a filers CONTACT INFORMATION is being collected separately and will not be provided to the public as part of the online access to SEIs.