Data Requests

The North Carolina State Board of Elections tracks large amount of demographic and historical data with respect to voter registration and election history. Much of that is easily accessible online, either through our Data and Statistics homepage, or our FTP site. The most commonly requested sets of data, such as election results and voter registration demographics, can be found on the Data and Statistics homepage. On the FTP site, you can access denser caches of voter history and voter registration statistics. These can be accessed by county, or statewide.


However, due to size constraints, there is much that is not displayed on either of those two sites. In order to access that data, you will need to submit a Records Request Form. The form is two pages long, and will give you a chance to lay out exactly what data you are looking for, as well as any filters on our collection. You can be as specific or broad as you like. If you have any questions about the form or our data sets, feel free to drop us a line by emailing [email protected].


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