No Same Day Registration

Persons who are not registered to vote in a county can no longer register to vote in person during the one-stop early voting period. Same day registration is no longer an option. Qualified persons wanting to vote in an election must register to vote no later than 25 days before the date of the election.

Voter Challenges

On the day of a primary or election, any registered voter of the same county has the right to challenge the right to vote of any registered voter who presents to vote. Election Day challenges are no longer limited to voters who reside in the same precinct. (Challenges of absentee voting, including voters at one-stop early voting sites, still may only be made by a voter of the same precinct as the challenged voter.)

Issues at Voting Sites

Any issue or complaint relating to a voting site should first be brought to the attention of the polling place’s Chief Judge (or, in the case of a one-stop early voting site, staff or manager of the voting site). If the issue cannot be resolved by the election official at the voting site, contact the local County Board of Elections Office.

Summary of Recent Election Law Changes

VOTER ID in 2016

Beginning in 2016, you will be required to show a photo ID when you vote. You may use your NC Drivers License, US Passport, Military ID, Veterans ID Card, or certain Tribal ID Cards. You may get a FREE DMV ID CARD at your local DMV office. If you cannot obtain an acceptable form of photo ID, options are available to ensure that you are able to vote. 

Click here for more information regarding North Carolina's Photo ID requirements and exceptions. 


Qualified persons who wish to vote in an election must register to vote no later than 25 days before Election Day. Registering and voting on the same day is not permitted. Voters may still change their name or address in their county of registration and vote on the same day.


Persons who vote on Election Day must do so at their assigned polling place based on their residential address as of 30 days before Election Day. A voter must cast a ballot at their proper polling location to ensure that vote is counted. A limited exception applies to certain voters who have recently moved within the same county and have not yet updated their voter registration. To identify your assigned polling place, use our Polling Place Lookup Tool or contact your county elections office.


Whenever a voter is offered a provisional ballot, the election official will now mark on the ballot that it is a provisional ballot. If a provisional ballot is incorrectly placed into the voting equipment at the voting site, it will be retrieved. Any provisional ballot that is cast outside of a voter’s correctly assigned precinct on Election Day will not be counted.


Each county elections office will assemble Multi-partisan Assistance Teams (MATs) available to assist voters living in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and rest homes with mail-in absentee voting. MATs are available to voters who need assistance with mail-in absentee voting, but do not have a near relative or guardian available to help. Care facilities can arrange MAT visits. For more information, see here or contact your local county elections office.