Whenever more than two candidates file a Notice of Candidacy for any one of the Supreme Court or Court of Appeals seats, a primary election is held to determine which two will be on the general election ballot in November. The candidates in this section will be on the primary ballot in May.

Statements by candidates do not express or reflect the opinions of the State Board of Elections.

Place of Residence: Cornelius, N.C.
Education: UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, J.D., 1992, University of Georgia, BBA Finance, cum laude, 1989; Institute on Political and Economic Systems, Fund for American Studies (coursework Georgetown University, internship at Reagan White House), 1989
Occupation: Superior Court Judge
Employer: State of N.C.
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1992

Legal/judicial Experience:Superior Court Judge, 2009-present; Rule of Law Counselor, Kabul, Afghanistan, 2008; Justice Attache to Iraq, U.S. Department of Justice, 2007-2008; Associate Judge, N.C. Court of Appeals, 2003-2007; District/Family Court Judge, Mecklenburg County, 1996-2002; Assistant District Attorney, Cabarrus and Rowan Counties, 1992-1996

Candidate Statement: No other candidate offers my combination of experience as a judge on the Court of Appeals, District/Family Court, and Superior Court. I am the only candidate who has been in the trial courtrooms as a judge and in our appellate courts as a judge.

Except for my service to our nation as the Justice Attache to Iraq for the U.S. Department of Justice (establishing Major Crimes Courts to prosecute terrorists), and my assistance to the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, I have been a judge since 1996. No other candidate has this breadth of experience.

I adhere to the rule of law as an impartial jurist and preserve individual freedoms. As a judge, I do not make public policy decisions.

I am described as a "brave, independent jurist" and "Constitutional conservative." I have bipartisan support and am endorsed by former Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, Jr. and former Justice Robert Orr, who say I am "simply the most qualified candidate." I would be privileged to have your support.

Place of Residence: Wake County
Education: Yale University, B.A.; UNC-Chapel Hill, J.D.
Occupation: Justice, Supreme Court of North Carolina
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: 1976

Legal/judicial Experience: 2007-present, Justice, NC Supreme Court 2001-2006, Judge, NC Court of Appeals, first woman elected without being appointed 25 years legal practice representing individuals and families 1977-present, NC Bar Association; 2005-2006, Vice President 1978-present, NC Association of Women Attorneys

Candidate Statement: In 38 years as a lawyer and judge, I’ve handled all kinds of cases for all kinds of people. That experience has helped me understand real people and real families and to be fair in every case, as my record on the Supreme Court since 2007 shows.

In 13 years as an appellate court judge, I’ve made thousands of decisions. I know the challenges people face every day, with their jobs, children, property, safety, and schools. My experience with individuals from all walks of life has given me a unique understanding of our state’s people, the legal issues they face, and their need for judges who decide cases fairly.

All my life I’ve worked hard. I went to public schools, worked in the summers, and waited tables in college. The hardest work I’ve done was being a single mom, raising two young kids while trying to run a law practice.

People deserve even-handed judges. I’m fair; I’m independent. And I understand how our complex laws affect real people. More than a dozen former Justices and appellate Judges endorse my re-election.

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Place of Residence: Raleigh
Education: Campbell University School of Law, JD, cum laude. Auburn University, BA
Occupation: Chair, NC Board of Review; attorney
Employer: State of North Carolina
Date Admitted to the Bar: 2000, North Carolina; 2006 US Supreme Court

Legal/judicial Experience: Chairman, Board of Review, deciding appeals of unemployment insurance and tax claims; Executive Director, NC Institute for Constitutional Law; UNC School of Government; Federal Public Defender; Federal Law Clerk

Candidate Statement: Throughout my career, I have focused on state and federal constitutional issues. My experience at trial and appellate levels in state and federal courts shows a strong commitment to the rule of law. As a lawyer, I understand the importance of our founding principles and the role of the courts. As a mom, I have a special motivation to ensure the law is fairly, justly and consistently applied.

As an attorney, I represented ordinary taxpayers fighting to protect liberty and promote freedom by enforcing the constitution. My clients included everyday citizens, parents, school children, and charitable groups. I stood up for a wide range of North Carolinians, and I took on corporate giants and powerful politicians.

I believe policy changes should come from the people, not activist judges. I have traveled the state sharing my love of the North Carolina and United States Constitutions with civic and grassroots groups. I have earned a reputation for understanding complex laws but never forgetting the fundamentals of both the state and federal constitutions. I want to bring my ability and my dedication to public service to the Supreme Court.

I ask for your vote.

2014 Nominees for the General Election

The following candidates are not included in the voter guide because they are not involved in a primary. These candidates will be on the General Election ballot in November and will be featured in the General Election Voter Guide which will be sent to voters in the fall of 2014.

NC Supreme Court Justice Ola M. Lewis
  Mark Martin
NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Sam J. Ervin IV
  Bob N. Hunter, Jr.
NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Cheri Beasley
  Mike Robinson
NC Court Of Appeals Lucy Inman
  Bill Southern
NC Court Of Appeals Mark Davis
  Paul Holcombe
NC Court Of Appeals Donna Stroud