Overview of this Guide

This Voter Guide is intended to provide you with vital information about the new voting laws in North Carolina and about the candidates seeking election to the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals who ware on the ballot in the May 6 primary.

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Voters who are affiliated (registered) with a political party must vote in the primary of the party with which they are affiliated.

Voters who are not affiliated with a political party may vote in a party primary as long as that party allows it. At this time, the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian Parties allow unaffiliated voters to vote in their primaries. Voters who are not affiliated with a political party are also free to vote a nonpartisan ballot in the primary and not participate in a party primary.


Effective July 1, 2013, the North Carolina Public Campaign Fund (judicial public financing program and funding for the Voter Guide), was repealed. Funding for the North Carolina Public Campaign Fund was derived from the $3 check-off designation on the state tax form and from a $50 surcharge on the annual dues attorneys pay to the State Bar. The remaining funds will be utilized to publish the Voter Guide until all funds have been exhausted. No state General Fund tax money was spent for this guide.

2014 Primary Election Voter Guide

Election Law Changes

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Key Election Dates

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Absentee Voting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there only judicial candidates for the NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals in the voter guide and not judicial candidates for Superior and District Courts?

The General Assembly authorized only candidates for the NC Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals to be placed in this Voter Guide.

Why are there only candidates for one seat in this guide?

This seat is the only one that has a primary to decide which two candidates will be on the General Election ballot. all other judicial seats had only two candidates to file for that particular seat, therefore no primary is required.

Will I need to show photo ID when I vote in the primary this year?

Photo ID will not be required until 2016.

Why can't I find the political party affiliation of the candidates listed in the guide?

All judges in North Carolina are elected on a non-partisan basis. They do not file or run as nominees of a political party. They are not listed on the ballot with a party affiliation; thus the candidates are presented in the voter guide in a non-partisan manner.