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Welcome to the website of the North Carolina State Board of Elections. Whether you are a voter, candidate, or researcher, this website contains important information about elections in our state. The State Board of Elections is the state agency charged with overall responsibility for administration of the elections process and campaign finance disclosure in North Carolina. For more information about the State Board of Elections, please visit our About Us page.

Updated as of:   04/19/2014
Republicans: 1,996,798
Democrats: 2,756,504
Libertarian: 23,559
Unaffiliated: 1,742,636

Recent law changes that affect future elections: North Carolina House Bill 589 (Session Law 2013-381) will affect election dates, voting, and campaign finance matters in future elections. However, with very limited exceptions, these law changes do not directly affect how voting is conducted for the 2013 municipal elections. The office of the State Board of Elections is currently compiling materials to inform the public about how the law changes will affect elections in 2014 and beyond. Information about voter ID requirements.

The State Board of Elections is responsible for the administrative Rules found in Chapter 8 of the North Carolina Administrative Code. Check here for information on current rule-making.

Notices for proposed Rules:

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