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North Carolina's elections results are available for the following elections in the specified years. You may request additional election results information not available on this site by submitting a request form to the State Board. If you have problems accessing this data please contact the Helpdesk at 888-450-7263 or email HelpRequest.SBOE@ncsbe.gov. 
Results listed by month and additional information can be found here.
View the list of candidates here.

Click here to track the status of petitions initiated with the State Board of Elections office

Petitions are used to place candidates and issues upon ballots.

Only certain types of petitions are allowed by law.

Before you begin distributing a petition, you need to be aware of the laws governing your particular petition, as well as general provisions pertaining to petitions in North Carolina. This page reviews the petition process and provides the applicable laws, due dates, forms, and petition sheets. The petition sheets located here, which contain the required information for the different types of petitions, must be used. Blanks at the top of the petition sheet must be completed before collecting any signatures. Additional information on petitions in North Carolina can be found here.

Get Involved

There are many ways for citizens to participate in the elections process, aside from voting. These include becoming an election official (or a Student Election Assistant) or volunteering as a member of a Multipartisan Assistance Team (MAT).

Election Officials operate the polls during early voting and on election day by providing services such as setting up the voting equipment, checking in voters, processing ballots, assisting voters with special needs, and closing down the voting site at the end of the day. To qualify as an Election Official, the applicant must be a registered voter who resides in the precinct where they wish to serve. Contact your local County Board of Elections office for more information and to apply.

In 2003, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a law allowing high school students to work in the polls on election day. Student Election Assistants carry some of the same responsibilities as election officials, and are compensated in the same way.

To qualify, the applicant must be a U.S. citizen who will be at least 17 years old by election day and who resides in the precinct where they wish to serve. Applicants must be in good academic standing with the school where they are enrolled (including public, private and home schools). They must also have permission from a parent (or guardian/legal custodian) and from their school principal/director.

Contact your local County Board of Elections office for more information.  

To apply, download the application here and mail it to your County Board of Elections office.

Some voters require assistance in voting by mail-in absentee ballot because they are elderly, limited in their mobility, or have a disability. The first preference, according to the law, is for the voter to receive assistance from a near relative or guardian. But some voters, such as those who live in facilities (such as a nursing home), may not have a near relative or guardian available to provide that assistance. Employees of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or rest homes are prohibited from providing assistance with absentee voting. So, voters who live in facilities may face challenges in casting a mail-in absentee ballot.

But here’s the good news: In every county, an impartial team called a “Multipartisan Assistance Team” (MAT) is available to visit facilities in order to provide assistance with mail-in absentee voting. The MAT is comprised of, at minimum, persons whose voter registration are affiliated with two different political parties (or of persons unanimously appointed by the bipartisan County Board of Elections).

More information about the MAT program can be found on the Multipartisan Assistance Team page. To be considered as a Team Member for a MAT, please contact your local County Board of Elections office.