North Carolina State Board of Elections

The State Board of Elections is the state agency charged with overall responsibility for administration of the elections process and campaign finance disclosure in North Carolina. The State Board itself is composed of five members, appointed by the Governor.

The state’s 100 County Boards of Elections conduct local elections, operate voting sites, maintain voter registration lists and handle numerous aspects of election administration. The office of the State Board of Elections works in conjunction with County Board of Elections offices to ensure that elections are conducted lawfully and fairly.

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Kim Westbrook Strach Executive Director


Jackie Hyland Spokesperson/PIO
Brandon Yowell Senior Graphic Designer


Josh Lawson General Counsel
Joan Troy
Legal Analyst 

Special Counsel (vacant)
Associate Counsel (vacant)
Brian Neesby Business Systems Analyst


Amy Strange Deputy Director - Campaign Finance & Operations
Barbara McKnight Office Assistant
Evelyn Slominsky  Project Manager
Frances Camara Auditor
Gwyniece George  Compliance Audit Assistant
Jacque Blaeske Office Assistant
Jane Steffens Auditor
Jason Schrader Training Specialist
Jim Knight Temporary Auditor

Gwyniece George Administrative Assistant
Joe Patton Auditor
Latanya Gant Auditor
Maria Elena Williams Certification/Outreach Coordinator
Nadine Lewis Noncompliance Coordinator
Neil Baddour Elections Technician
Ronda Dunston Administrative Assistant
Terry Harris Training Specialist
Tracey Powell Office Assistant


Veronica Degraffenreid Election Preparation & Support Manager
Amanda Penny Computing Consultant
Carlos Casallas Special Projects Coordinator
Eric Barcliff Elections Technician
Erica Burton Computing Consultant
Gary Hardee Computing Support Tech
Kate Cosner County Liaison


Marc Burris Information Systems Director
Elise McKnight Business Analyst
Gregg McCurry Information Technology Manager
Dennis Sheerin Database Administrator
Ballingam Chepuri GIS Analyst
Saida Fatmi Systems Analyst
Russell Rossi Computing Support Tech
James Lell Information Technology Manager
Kennith Ward Senior Software Engineer
Denis Levy Senior Software Developer
Michael Steffens Senior Software Developer
Chris Cox Software Developer
Gowri Ramaswamy Software Developer 
Jesus Pena Software Developer 
Robert Mickunas Software Developer 
Salman Afzal Software Developer 
Michelle Puffenberger Development Support
Luis Thompson Development Support


Sheryll Harris Compliance Specialist
Joan Fleming Elections Investigator
Marshall Tutor Elections Investigator
Matthew Martucci Elections Investigator


Ted Fitzgerald Lead Voter Outreach Specialist
Dr. Lee Cooley Voter Outreach Specialist
Jennifer Faulkner Voter Outreach Specialist
Sherry McLamb Voter Outreach Specialist