Closing Down the Campaign

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(on-line or in-person) click on the following link https://ncgov.csod.com
Available by clicking the following link Training Login Instructions.

If you encounter a problem with viewing the training website or loading the training presentation, the following troubleshooting tips may provide assistance.

New Candidate Course -  Click on the following link for our Running for Office...Step by Step.
New Treasurer Course - Click on the following link for our New Treasurer Course (This is not the Mandatory Compliance Training that is required for all treasurers.)
To schedule a one-on-one Software Training in Raleigh email your request to campaign.reporting@ncsbe.gov. One of our trainers will contact you.

Troubleshooting Tips for Training Websites

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  • 2016 Training Schedule
If you are unable to open the training website it may be because you have a pop-up blocker for security reasons on your computer. The following link configure your pop-up blocker will provide instructions to configure your pop-up blocker to allow access to the training website.
If you are receiving the message 'loading' upon launching the Mandatory Compliance Training and the training does not load, you may need to update the Adobe Flash player on your computer. The following link will take you to the Adobe website in order to complete that update. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/1152367
Click on the following link 2016 Training Schedule for a list of currently scheduled in-person training sessions.