Campaign Reporting Software

The NC State Board of Elections has developed and is constantly maintaining and improving free software that enables the storing of all campaign information required by the state. There are also several third-party products that create files that meet the file format requirements.

Important Software Notes

The Reporting software is a stand-alone application built for the Windows operating system; there is no support for setting up the application to run over a network. Only the following Windows operating platforms are supported:

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows 7 32bit

To electronically file a report:

Send the export file via CD or email in the proper file format as specified by the NC SBE; otherwise it cannot be accepted.

Campaign Reporting Software Downloads

Download the software file listed below in order to use the Campaign Finance Filing Software.

Install Note:

The Installation for the CF Remote software has been redesigned due to installation issues. As a result, a new installation has been created. Any user running a version of the CF Remote software that is version 4.2.41 or older will need to:


  • Backup their database (see "Back up your database" under Campaign Finance Remote Software Help Topics)
  • Uninstall the CF Remote software (read the detailed instructions)


These steps above MUST be followed before installing the newest version.

Description File Name Version Size Last Updated
CF Remote Software

* This is the entire installation of the remote software in one single file (to download software click 'Download Now' or right click 'Download Now' and select 'open', then select 'run').
Download Now  v4.4.11 13.5 MB 07-20-2016

List of previous versions and their release dates over the past year:


Version Last Updated
4.4.10 11-09-2015
4.4.7 08-24-2015
4.4.6 03-26-2015
4.4.1 03-31-2014
4.3.4 02-28-2014
4.3.3 10-23-2013
4.3.0 08-23-2013
4.2.41 02-01-2013


Electronic Filing Format Downloads

If you use some other means to keep track of campaign finances other than the software provided by NC State Board of Elections, then these are the viable layouts of an import file. The file then gets imported into the central database. If you create a file in this format, then the central system can read your file, which can be submitted in electronic format. The example that is contained is by no means a real candidate or committee. It is simply an example which to show the format. Note: There is no intention to include an import tool to enable other software's data to be imported into the CF Remote software.

In addition to the Import File Format, the CFD Validation Utility is a validation tool that can be used to read the import file and assist verifying that it is in the correct format before submitting.

Description File Name Size Last Updated Important Information
Import File Format v4.12 Download Now 52.1KB 05/21/2015 This file is a compressed file that contains an excel workbook with field definitions and a sample import file.
CFD Validation Utility v1.21 Download Now 11.9 MB 07/20/2016 This file will install the CFD Validation Utility for use to assist in verifying the format of import files.


Campaign Finance Remote Software Help Topics

These topics are not intended to replace the CF Remote Software Help Files. They are intended as an enhancement to the materials already available to electronic filers.


DO’s and DON’Ts – Some pointers to assist you with using your software

Setting up Elections

Entering Basic Transactions

Enter an in kind transaction

Enter a refund to the Committee

Enter a refund from the Committee

Enter a Loan Repayment

Enter a Forgiven Loan

Entering Exempt Party Sales (Party Committees Only)

Debts and Obligations

Create a report

Audit a report

Print a report

Print Data Lists

Save the Official report

Back up your database

Copy and send a database

Removing duplicate names from CF Remote Software